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10 Things Only Night Owls Can Understand

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10 Things Only Night Owls Can Understand

Being a night owl is a religion. To be a part of the Team Night Owl, one has to relate to some pointers. Here is a post from a night owl to fellow night owls. Lets get the brotherhood going strong already!

 1. Your life starts at the PM.


Because you went to sleep at the AM. You were watching a sitcom, and the next thing you are out of sitcoms. Them feels.

 2. You are hyperactive as dawn approaches.


At night, you’re creativity knows no bounds.

 3. You are mostly dull through the day.


Irritable, even. You were woken up at 8 AM but then you had gone to bed at 6 AM! How can one function like that?!

 4. Late night eateries are your places.

late night

You can’t still accept that normal functioning humans shut down around 12 AM. What the hell ya? Why can’t we all stay up till 5 AM and live, like really?

 5. You are most times referred to as vampire.


Or worse, people call you ullu. You are not amused.

6. Brunches are your thing.


Because you are never up for breakfasts anyway.

 7. You hate people that fall asleep early.


Why can’t you live it up? Raat abhi jawaan hai and hey! Chaar din ki jawaani toh hai 😀

 8. You are adept at being smooth.


Since you are up at inhumane hours, you are at the risk of facing wrath of the family members/friends that are asleep. You learn to walk on air, and not knock down things. Clumsy can’t be you.

 9. You try to sleep early.


Because sometimes annoying health advice gets on your nerves. “I’ll go to bed early, and wake up early tomorrow”, you promise yourself.

 10. You are reading this post after 12 AM.


Welcome back to the dark side, brother.

Tag all the night owls, and let us know what we missed!

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