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10 Things One Should Not Do When He/She Is Angry

10 Things One Should Not Do When He/She Is Angry RVCJ Media


10 Things One Should Not Do When He/She Is Angry

Anger is a very natural emotion. Even the most mild-mannered people have been seen throwing the most awful tantrums. The key, however, lies in not letting the emotion get the better of you. To quote the famous Chinese Proverb, “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow”. Keeping in line with this, let’s run you through a few things you should refrain from doing while you are all fuming and heated.

1. Don’t post on Facebook!

Often, we choose this medium to vent out our emotions. Well, it does soothe us for some time but very soon it makes us realize how big a fool we had been to do that and make a mockery out of ourselves.


2. Don’t ever mail!

A mail once gone cannot be undone. Just make sure you don’t end up doing anything infantile which might land you in a soup and get you banging your head for eternity.


3. Don’t drive!!

If you are under the impression that a drive might correct your bad temper, let me tell you, ‘You are rather under an illusion’, for far from being helpful, it can by all means set the stage for some serious disaster.


4. Don’t stay close to your gadgets!

Most of us, when angry, tend to smash up our belongings as if we are multi billionaires. Trust me on this – Such an action will only bring you financial loss and cause some huge dents in your bank account.


5. Don’t shun yourself from the world!

Unless becoming a ‘Hermit’ was your long-time wish, don’t welcome solitude your way and switch off your phone. I mean, c’mon, who knows, the very next moment, somebody might call you to give you the news you’ve been longing for all this while.


6. Don’t go around telling people!

We often share what made us angry with people. While it’s okay to share with a close friend, don’t just put it on the loudspeakers for the world to know. I know we all are sympathy gatherers but mark my words – Most people never empathize with you and all they really care about is the next hot ‘gossip-topic’ they can discuss over lunch, which you are offering them on a platter.


7. Don’t swear!

Hold your tongue! Don’t vent out your fury in the form of swear words. Other than taking the ‘cultured you’ out of you, it only goes to make you the villain in the eyes of everyone.


8. Don’t turn into a guzzler!

Chill! Just because your boss grilled you to the point of utter exhaustion, you don’t have to belt down three whole bottles of Vodka. In a state of intoxication, you might end up smashing a bottle or two on somebody’s head before passing out and find yourself behind the bars the next morning.


9. Don’t call up your ex!

Your ex girlfriend might have dumped you in a real nasty manner years back but don’t be a fool to call her up and give her hell just like that and on a whim. It might be her wedding and she may be busy taking marriage vows with her husband. Just picture the outcome. Creepy! Right?


10. Don’t stay uptight!

You are not helping yourself friend. You are plainly robbing yourself of all those moments which probably can toss your anger away. Besides why are you hell bent on cutting down your happiness just because some retard having serious anger management issues has fled from the asylum and started living amidst the civil populace?


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