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10 Things That Are Too Overrated In India.


10 Things That Are Too Overrated In India.

Here Are The List Of The Things Which Are way Overrated In Our Country. Though, There are Too many Things Which Are Overrated, We Come up With 10 of Them. Have A Look On Them.

1. Science And Engineering
People in India Are Very Concerned About Science And Engineering, Almost 80℅ People Think There Is No Other Better Streams Than Science And Engineering.

2. The Khans
The 3 Khans Of Bollywood, These 3 Actors And Their Movies Are Very Overrated In Our County. No Matter How Creepy The Movie Is, People Would Love Watching It.
Though These Actors Are Best In Their Own Way.

3. Cricket
Cricket In India Is A Religion For Many People, But It’s Too Over Rated. Many People In Our Country Just Don’t Know That Hockey Is Our National Game. There Exists Other Sports Too.
cricket over rated

4. Results
Yes, Marks Don’t Determine Anyone’s Future, But Still One Should Score 90℅ Marks, Warna “4 Log Kya Kahenge”.
CBSE And State Boards Results Are Way Too Overrated In Our Country.
“Aj Kal Baccho Ko Marks Se Nahi, Marks Puchne Wale Relatives Se Zyada Der Lagta Hai”PicsArt_1435227752774

5. Dhogle Netas And Dhongi Babas
We All Know Truth About These Play Actor Babas And Corrupted Politicians, But Still They Have Been Fooling Us Since Don’t Know When.

6. English
People In Our Country Think That A Person Who Speaks English Is Very Well Mannered, Educated And Kind.

7. Pizza And Burgers
MacDonald’s And KFC Are Highly Rated In India.
Believe Me Friends, VadaPav, PaaniPuri, Masala Dosas Are Way Tastier Than Pizza And Burgers.

8. Internet
These Days, Youths Are Less Addicted To Smoking And Drinking, They Are Mostly Addicted To Social Media.
Though, Social Media Is A Great Of Source Of Getting Information And Entertaining Yourself, But It’s Overrated.

9. Tv Serials
People In Our Country Are Addicted To TV Serials Too.
Ladies Love Watching These Senseless Dramas.
It’s Been More Than 5 Years Ans They Still Don’t Know “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”.

10. The Phrase – “Log Kya kahenge”
Here Comes The Favorite Dialogue Of Our Society.
No Matter What, There Are Always ‘Chaar Log’
log Kya

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