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10 Things Only People Living In Hostel Can Relate To


10 Things Only People Living In Hostel Can Relate To

1. Washing clothes in hostel means submerging them in some surf overnight.

Yes, this is true very true. Most of the people don’t know how to wash and even if you know washing, you are so lethargic that you just want to soak all your cloths in surf and leave them undisturbed overnight. This is washing to them.



2. Maggi and some secret drinks is your only food, day and night you have them and this is the only possible tasty food combination you get in hostel

East or west Maggi and rum are the best! Unfortunate news for all hostel living people they would no more access to this 2 minutes noodles, don’t worry you have many more alternatives to them too.



3. You receive the grand farewell by your friends when you leave the hostel and also come back

Friends are your darling! Believe me hostel living people just want a reason to celebrate and the celebrations go on for a day.



4. You just keep in search if anyone is downloading new movies in his laptop.

Movies are your nightlife! At the end of the year you don’t even remember the amount of movie you have actually watched with your friends and how many have you exchanged with them.



5. Take it easy on Watchman

Watchman is the only life saver in your hostel and you want to take easy on him. Give him some ‘Mall’ and he would help you infinite times. Screwing your watchmen can land you in trouble.



6. And when your partner gets a surprise goodies from his parents

How lucky he is and how unfortunate Am I. Goodies in hostel are like biggest surprise you have ever received in your life.



7. Not bathing for more than a day is a play game here! The more you don’t bath and better you feel.

There may be No-bathing hilarious competition between students in hostels. You know the feeling of not bathing for few days is just ….. haha… Awesome to them.



8. And when you break your heart you have the rowdy group with you to cheer you up.

These would be your best moments in hostel, which I bet you would miss once you leave them.



9. And hilarious the moment when you are playing carom boards and cards with your friends and suddenly your mum calls you up? You are busy settling your throat.

Haha! Among the troll moments for many, Ma ka phone aaya, Ma ka phone aaya!


10. You want to make the best use of someone’s Wifi and you make it sure you download a series of movies in just a day.

Wifi sharing and Wifi thieving is the most common problems in hostel, actually you will remember these goof ups when you leave them.



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