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10 Things That People Do When They Are In Love

10 Things That People Do When In Love


10 Things That People Do When They Are In Love

Love is the most beautiful and cute feeling. There are also numerous poems, songs and movies for this theme. We all keep finding for the perfect partner who can share the life.. Let’s check how people define their love.

1. Cutting of the wrist nerve is a very common thing that youngsters do while sad in love.


2. Elope from the house to get married and not letting parent know about this.


3. Listen to some sad song like, “Tadap tadap ke, is dil se aa-ha nikalti rahi….” When lost the love or vice versa listen to romantic song when in good mood- Arjit Singh songs are the latest trend.

200_s (1)

4. Some lover also choose to relocate themselves for their lover. This even lead to financial and career losses, but who cares?

giphy (8)

5. Men often love to show their love with the amount of wallet money spends. They sometimes empty the wallet to get flashy gift such costly mobiles.

giphy (2)

6. This one is the craziest of all, when someone chooses to start eating vegetarian for his/her love. I mean no chicken, egg, mutton….just for your love? To control the mouth watering scene would be really difficult task while moving across the popular khau gallis with Shwarma, Chicken tikka…!

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7. Some people in love also quit their jobs just for their girlfriend. They move to the company even if they pay less, provided it has their love working there.

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8. Some drift apart from the friends to spend time with the dream love.

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9. The guys start with more bodybuilding session, while girls pay even more attention on their grooming.

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10. They talk over the phone for hours and hours……in fact the full night! Especially girls never ever want to quit the phone chat.

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