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10 Things People Say If You Are Skinny

10 Things People Say If You Are Skinny RVCJ Media


10 Things People Say If You Are Skinny

You are too fat, or you are too thin. You are never okay, you always can be better. That’s how it works if you listen to people around you and give the damns. Here we list ten STUPID things people say to people who are skinny.

 1. “Do you ever eat anything?”


Nope,I survive on air.

 2. “You can wear anything! “


No, I too have a body type and can’t wear anything and everything.

 3. “How many hours do you workout?”


Enough hours to keep fit. And by hours, I mean minutes.

 4. “You can sit on *insert name here*’s lap” , when there is shortage of space



 5.  “Where does all the food you eat go?”


Do you really wanna know? Its all in the bowel movements. I can be gross, very gross.

 6. “I can measure you in my palm”


You shall not TOUCH me, perv.

 7. “You’ll fly away on windy days! HAHAHA”

shut up2Lol okay, you are funny. *rolls eyes*

 8. “Real women have curves”


Real women are whatever the hell they want to be. And you should REALly shut up.

 9. “Do you shop in kids section?”


No, but I bet the kids have more brains and are less annoying than you.

 10. “I want a figure like yours ya”


Oh well.

All skinny people, rant and lament and let us know. Also, tag the annoying people and let them know 😉

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