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10 Things That Shows Generation Gap


10 Things That Shows Generation Gap

What is generation gap? Is it usual to drop patience while the clash of view happens among people of diverse generations? These are the variation owing to the variation in age, plus second is the divergence in the culture plus environment as it survive at diverse period of time.

It is nothing but the thinking of the people of the older plus younger generation that is normally connoted by the lack of accepting otherwise quarrel between them. The personality of such differences has remained the same above the ages.


Top 10 things that shows generation gap:

1. Loud music:

The father is always troubled as of his son’s passion by western music, his strenuous ultra-mod dresses plus eating ‘junk-food’. They like soft and simple music.



2. Study pattern:

This constricted minded thinking, particularly seen in the teachers of older generation; finally make a gap among the students moreover teacher. 



3. Difference between Attention spans:

For them, giving attention is not actually a problem, because they are used to taking time by their projects and don’t seek direct gratification for their work.

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 4. They speak it to your face while we utilize Twitter:

Reverse in the day when somebody had a problem with you, they would personally tackle you. Nowadays there is hardly any face-to-face confrontation. These people utilize tweets plus sub tweets to really handle issues that are tremendously soft.

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5. They job for theirs and we feel free to the whole lot:

No one is going to be there to spoon feed them throughout life and their liability to make amazing of yourself. They were an extra independent generation. We anticipate things to be done for us plus if something require a little additional work otherwise concentration, we are simply deter from doing it.

giphy (9)


6. They meet only to a trusted person at a place and we text somebody to meet them at a definite location:

For gathering at a sure location, they had to depend on the person to be there as well. We text this show that we are less innocent plus more dependent on our technology than our skill to really be on time.

giphy (5)


7. Actual life flirting than online dating:

In condition, they wanted to date somebody, and then they really meet them plus talk to them and use time with each other. We depends on social networks, internet.

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8. Way of working differences between office workers:

Generation gap is also seen between the office employees in their way of thinking and planning about their projects.

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9. They deal with what they have and we constantly want more:

They recognize that assets are limited plus that they have to be extra resourceful by what they enclose. We are extremely wasteful plus are forever looking for more, quite than being content by what we have.

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10. They march and we use face book status:

While it came to speaking out next to any unfairness in society, they were away in full power to March and complain. We are extra disposed to say our opinion honestly on a Face book status otherwise Twitter. 

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Let us know if you have anything to add to the above list. Share your views in comments section below.

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