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10 Things Of Which We’re Sick Seeing On The Internet


10 Things Of Which We’re Sick Seeing On The Internet

Well, if you have been enough on the Internet then you would realize that the following things are mentioned way too often online, but they’re actually not worth that hype.

1. Emma Watson

She may be gorgeous without doubt. But she is often the center piece of every crush-meme and gets mentioned way too often online.

emma watson 2

2. Pizza

It may be your favorite food, but the Internet has seen and heard enough of it to start disliking it.

pizza 2

3. Batman

He is definitely cool and badass. But comments like, “It’s Batman. The answer is always Batman.” can be pretty irksome.


4. Wi-Fi Jokes

Cool. We all know how much we love high speed internet. Though there’s a limit till anything is funny.


5. Relationships

Almost everyone wants a boyfriend/girlfriend and wants to be in a relationship. Albeit Forever Alone jokes are funny, sometimes it crosses the line and gives you the tag of desperate.

relationships 2

6. Game of Thrones

Die hard GoT fans may disagree with this. But seriously, lately, the Internet is full of spoilers and news regarding GoT. Even a person who has never watched the show would be probably knowing that Jon Snow is dead!

game of thrones

7. Lamborghini

It’s like, most people only know one sports car making brand and that’s Lamborghini! In fact, there’re some people out there who think Lamborghini is name of the car model itself!


8. Cats and dogs doing unusual stuff

Though they are kinda cute, the Internet has had its share of cats and dogs gags.

cats and dogs

9. ’90s cartoons

Yes, we do miss shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls, but let’s face it, that era is gone, and sadly this is the era of cartoons like Chota Bheem.

90s cartoons

10.Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi debates

The Internet is full of such debates! Man, they both are equally good and shouldn’t be compared.

ronaldo messi

So to conclude, the Internet needs some fresh humor and something new to troll.

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