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10 Things That Will Happen If Powdered Alcohol Comes To India


10 Things That Will Happen If Powdered Alcohol Comes To India

Well nowadays its tough to imagine any occasion without liquor. Be it vodka, beer or scotch. Daaru has become a vital component in all our celebrations. Recently, a company named Palcohol has come up with powdered form of alcohol which they claim is safer than liquid alcohol. So, what if we start getting this here, in India? Possibilities are many, have listed some here. For the rest, make your imagination run wild.

1. There are high chances of mom accidentally putting a spoon full in dad’s morning chai.


2. Junkies will be like ‘Let’s try snorting it bro. What say, yo?’

The men are thought to have snorted heroin that they believed was cocaine

3. Store it in a fancy dabba and surely your Bai will think of it as some exotic talcum powder and stuff it back to dressing table shelf. Oh and who won’t mind a little dab of that exotic powder on face. I bet she will judge your sense of smell later.


4. Delhites be like ‘Arre bro, woh poder toh nikal dashboard se. Daaru banaani hai.’

5. Desi Walter Whites will take it as a challenge to make a stronger and better competitor.

6. Liquor tasters will light their asses on fire and be critical about which one’s better, an originally solid or originally liquid one.


7. People will try and sneak it in airplanes to save from paying the exorbitant markup.


8. Indian weddings will have that paani puri look-alike counter, wherein the guy would in-charge of a steel tank and a ladle to pour it out for the guests.


9. There will be an epidemic of water borne diseases like typhoid, cholera. As a precautionary measure we might also get to see a stall which serves Daaru made from bisleri water only.


10. Teenagers will be like ‘Woh tupperware ke dabbe mein rakhi hui powder whiskey thi? Oh papa, sorry. Main usse lemon ice tea samajh ke do glass pii gaya.’


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