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10 Things That Will Rejuvenate Your Childhood Memories

10 Things That Will Rejuvenate Your Childhood Memories RVCJ Media


10 Things That Will Rejuvenate Your Childhood Memories

Being a child, I guess was the best phase of your life. It’s the period of your life where you learn most of the things, where you have no worries and the only tension you would have is that you would have missed your favorite cartoons!. Amazing isn’t it? Go throughout this article to revive your childhood!.

1. Trump cards.


Rey Mysterio or John Cena ? Undertaker or Yokosuka? What’s your card? Boasting about the awesome stuff was never so much fun. We all loved to play those card matches which each other which would make our own WWE (previously known as WWF) experience. Owning a Trump card of a popular player was quite cool and attraction gaining among the other kids.

2. Kanche


These marble balls or the “Kanche” were an interesting piece of childhood. As of today no video game can beat the games which you played in your childhood. Owning the most numbers of Kanche was the trend then.

These were generally available on stores for like 25 marbles for 4 rupees!. At that instance it would be a good amount at that cost.Now maximum people play their consoles while they’re missing this awesome fun.

3. Tazzos


These little round pokemon printed tazzos were one of the most cherishable thing in the past. You used to get these free with the 10 bucks packet of Cheetos. You might not believe but some people used to have Cheetos just to take the Tazzo , they were more interested in the tazzo than the actual snack. Also these gems were traded in our kiddy manner. Even the silliest fight would turn out to be a major one.

4. Tattoos


Free with Chewing gums and other candies, these tattoos made of cartoons, and other popular characters. People were like damn crazy on them. From the water bottle to the Tiffin Box, almost everywhere there was a tattoo. Most schools had a ban on them but hey! Who likes to follow rules in the school days!

5. Cartoons


Don’t tell me that you haven’t watched cartoons. Basically the 90’s era was the golden period of the cartoons. Kids these days will never know what happiness you get when you see Tom & Jerry. Or the funny actions of Jhonny Bravo. Let it be Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon or Dexter, we never missed any shows.
I saw a 13 year old girl crying because she had a breakup. When I was 13 year old I used to cry because I missed the cartoons!!

6. Beyblades


How can you forget beyblades, these awesome spinning tops which were considered to have super powers in them!. The best part was contesting among your friends the person who’s beyblade broke or was thrown out of the arena would loose.
The metal ones were badass, they were totally invincible. We used to cry in between of the roads if our parents refused to buy them.

7. Ice Gola


Returning from a hot and tiring in school and having an Ice gola would totally refresh the mood. In various flavours like Kalakattha , Orange Rose or Mix.
People had the best way to beat the heat. After having the gola the tongue color usually changed which was a very amazing feel as a child.

8. Cassette Games


Remember Mario or Contra series? The ones which came in the very first cassette games and were the very first video games people played. Those green colored chips in which all the best games were there was very precious to me as a child. And the biggest joke was a Chip that said 1700+ games inside. Would actually have a few 100s. Exchanging games and cassettes was pretty fun then!.

9. Swings & Slides


Whenever your mom said we’re going to the park the first thing that came to your mind was the “Who will sit on the Swing or the Slide”. Standing on the swing was the most exciting job ever!. Plus if you could climb the slide from ahead it meant that you had some skills ! Just cannot forget those awesome times we had.

10. Birthday Parties


Now a days people celebrate their birthdays very casually but earlier it was something else, going to your friends house to invite them, then helping your mom to make a big cake, wearing the best of clothes and putting on masks and hats. Snacks and drinks with the friends and the evergreen games that we used to play after the cake cutting.! & one thing that a kid cannot forget while leaving any birthday—-“The Return Gift”

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