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10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Girl In An Engineering College


10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are A Girl In An Engineering College

In India, engineering is a phenomenon. Every father wants you to do engineering, every mother prays for an IIT seat. And if you are a girl with an engineering degree, you are such hot stuff! 😀 Thus, the things you can relate to if you are the girl in a testosterone charged environment.

 1. Attention. Attention. Attention.

handle men

You get so much attention, you pretty much get looked at even if you breathe 😉

 2. You have bodyguards.


To drop you home, to save you from ‘romeos’ 😉 You are the girl. The guy friends get protective.

 3. You do all the nicety work.

younger sibling

Like pacifying angry professors. You remind them of their daughters, so they listen to your apology and let you guys inside after a mass bunk.

 4. You have stardom.


You can do anything you want, its lovely. You walk around knowing you are watched and barring the creepy stares, you like the celeb feel 😉

 5. Your work gets done.


Guys are ready to do your work for you. You don’t remember the last time you stood in the photocopy center because you don’t stand in line for notes anymore, guys do it for you 😛

 6. You are the lead.

alia walk

…..vocal in viva. You start the presentations and charm the internal invigilators and externals alike 😀

 7. You are the saving grace.

like a boss

When your team has done shoddy work. Lecturers and professors are less hard on you. You get away with undone assignments by pulling puppy faces.

 8. You know the boy-way of doing things.

Guy way

You know a lot more curse words and boy things than you are supposed to know.

 9. You know how to handle men.

handle men

Some days you are sweet and the damsel-in-distress, on others you are the boss and you get shit done. Menfolk aren’t complicated, really 😉

 10. You are constantly asked out.

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By guy friends and their friends and more. So, you know the typical pick up lines, the I’m-hitting-on-you-gooey face 😀  Its tiring, though.

Even though you miss having girl friends around, you couldn’t complain because boys are fun in their own twisted way!

Girls pursuing the engineering degree, agree? 😉

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