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10 Things You Will Relate If You Love Chips


10 Things You Will Relate If You Love Chips

Whenever you go out and you just can’t resist yourself to buy a packet of chips. Do you feel so? Then this is the article for every chips lover. Here are some points which you will relate to if you love chips. So, let’s check it out.

1) You always complain about the amount of air in the chips packet.

You feel so sad whenever it gets empty, then you start to blame that air in the packet and at last you wished for more chips rather than air in the packet.

2) Munching chips are your favourite pastime hobby.

Whenever you are feeling bored, then you go and buy packets of chips. You love to munch it while watching a movie or doing some random stuff.

3) You wish to be the owner of a chips company.

When somebody ask about your dream, then you think about owning a big chips company and you will sell chips instead of air in the packet.

4) You have tried different flavours of the chips but still there is always one flavour of chips you love the most.

No matter how many flavours come and go, but the favourite one will always stay with you in your good times and bad times.

5) You just hate sharing your chips.

For courtesy, you asked some body to eat chips from your packet but deep inside you just want them to say NO!

6) When somebody ask you for the chips, then you wish to eat the whole packet.

‘I will just have one’, said no one ever.

7) You just love it when you eat chips with some dip.

Dip adds the taste of the chips to double. Afterwards, it becomes difficult to eat chips without a dip.

8) Chips can cure the pain of heartbreak.

If you are having a bad day, then buy a packet of happiness. I mean, buy a packet of chips. Well, chips are synonymous to happiness.

9) After eating chips, you tend to lick the leftovers of your finger.


The full packet of chips isn’t enough to satisfy the hunger of chips. So, wiping the leftovers on the fingers seems to be a great idea.

10) When you see a packet of the chip, then dieting is just a word for you.

Forget about dieting, there are other things to do. What else? Buy a packet of chips and enjoy.
Do you want to buy one packet of chips? Then go and buy it but don’t forget to share your love of chips in comments.

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