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10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Online All The Time


10 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Online All The Time

If you are the most socially active on online then you will relate to this article. You have all the social networking applications on your phone. Within, a single touch you are connected with hundreds of friends via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp. You are a social ninja because you can operate all these social media simultaneously on your phone. So, here are 10 things you will relate if you are online all the time.

1) You are the first person in your group who knows every social media update.

Oh! That girl posted updated a profile picture with her boyfriend. *like* Oh god! Am I the first one to like this picture?

2) People can call you on Facebook messenger even at 3 a.m.

You are online all the time on the social media. So, why to use your phone’s balance if you can call up the person for free. Of course, you need an internet pack.

3) You prefer to use 3G/4G internet pack for your phone.

It is difficult to be patient and buffering is the most annoying thing for you. You sometimes even think how people manage to use 2G internet connection on their phone.

4) You are active on every social media and you never get bored with any of those.

Friend: Are you on WhatsApp?
Me: Yes.
Friend: Are you on Facebook?
Me: Yes.
Friend: Are you on Twitter?
Me: Yes. Are you on Tumblr, Skype, MySpace, Quora, Instagram?
Friend: *Faints*

5) You have hundreds of followers on social media.

You are able to identify your new followers on the social media and you keep a note on the total number of followers on each social media sites.

6) So, your Snapchat score is as long as your phone number or may be more than that.

And your Snapchat story is in a triple number of digit. You never get tired of posting anything online.

7) People don’t need to see your last seen on your profile.

You are online all the time. So, your last seen won’t exceed more than a minute and you are reachable every time on social media.

8) You are the first one to wish your friend on social media.

You feel happy that you wished your friend sharp at 00:00 and you never forget to wish friends on their birthdays.

9) You feel suffocated when your phone’s signal is low.

People depend on air and water to survive on the planet but you need strong WiFi password. You can’t just live without it.

10) Checking out news feed is like reading newspaper in the morning.

The first thing you do when you open your eyes is to pick your phone and open the Facebook app and check out the latest news feed on your account.
Do you spend your whole time on social media? What if everything goes away? Have you ever imagined? Will you be able to live on this planet? Share us your views with us.

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