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10 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

10 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing RVCJ Media


10 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

There is so much expected of a woman and it gets really annoying after a certain point. From being multitasking masters to having to be cuddle creatures at home, we think there are certain things that women are tired of hearing. Here we list ten things women are tired of hearing.

1. “Is it the time of the month? Are you PMSing?”

shut up

Why can’t a woman be in just temper just because she wants to? Isn’t there anything else other than hormones that make a woman moody? UGH.

2. “Jeez, don’t be so sensitive!”


Hey! If  you pass an insensitive comment and expect a woman to be okay with it, well you are the one to blame!

3. “Why are you single?”

eye roll

Because she wants to be single? Don’t even get us started on the questions of why one is in a relationship.

4. “Are you on a diet?”


Every time a woman makes a healthy choice, it doesn’t have to be because she is on a diet. It might be because she just wants to eat a damn salad.

5. “Aren’t you on a diet?”


So if she eats a salad, there’s a problem. And there’s a problem with a huge cheese burger too. Let the lady eat!

6. “That doesn’t suit you”


Like hell she cares? As long as the she is comfortable wearing whatever she is, it is nobody’s business.

7. “You curse too much for a girl”


Hell yea! *Replace ‘hell’ with all appropriates*

8. “Is it like a girl thing?”


Since I am a girl and I do it, its a girl thing? Okay.

9. “Calm down, learn to take it easy”


No, if you being a rude moron, I shall not take it easy.

10. “Oh you are such a girl!”



What other typical things annoy the living hell out of you, girls? Shoot a comment and let us know!

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