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10 Things You Can Do Only In India & Not Anywhere Else In The World


10 Things You Can Do Only In India & Not Anywhere Else In The World

India is India and we are proud of it! Many a times, we see how people are fascinated about other countries and complain about certain things that India lacks. Our India is no less; it has so many things that you just won’t find anywhere else in the world. India is unique and it can’t be compared with any other country; we love everything about it and today, we have come up with a list of 11 things that one can do in India and not in other countries.

1) In India, people have the freedom to pee anytime and anywhere they want to; no, they don’t need public toilets for that. Just give them a corner and they can start there and then!

2)During festivals, India looks all glittery and glamorous; moreover, the number of festivals in India are too many and we bet you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. Thanks to people of so many religions residing here.

3) In India, people don’t follow the MRP system; they can start bargaining the way they want. They will not give up until they get the price of their choice, LOL. Have you seen this trend in any other country?

4) There is no specific place for throwing garbage; Indians can throw it wherever they want to. This is a strict “NO” in other countries. But thanks to PM Modi that he’s coming up with Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan.


5) In India, we can borrow every possible thing from our neighbor; be it doodh, masala, a small tamatar or may be some dahi, everything is available next door if we are short of it. But in some countries, people don’t even know who their neighbors are.

6) In other countries, there are strict rules for crossing; but in India, we know all the “Jugaad”. Just show your hand to the rickshaw-wallah and he will stop it right away, letting you cross easily.

7) We love to eat with our hands; in fact, the actual satisfaction of food is eating with hands. Whereas in other countries, people are too sophisticated and don’t eat without fork and spoons, have you noticed it?

8) Indians know how to accommodate themselves in crowded trains or buses. Go to United States and you’ll notice that there are strict rules with regards to the capacity in public transport. But in India, it’s like, “Who cares?”

9) Respect for elders is the most important thing we have learnt. Here in India, we are happy to live in joint families and enjoy our life with them, but in other countries, things are just the opposite. For them, “Freedom” and “Independence” is important and hardly you’ll find anyone staying along with parents.

10) Another trend in India is “Fasting”; if you really want to achieve something, you can “Fast”; be it for long life of your hubby, for getting good marks or for staying away from health issues, there are different fasts for everything.

Do you have any other things to share with us?

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