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10 Things You Don’t Really Need In Your Life!

10 Things You Don't Really Need In Your Life! RVCJ Media


10 Things You Don’t Really Need In Your Life!

There are certain things, that we believe to be necessary for us… at all times in our lives. But in all honesty, we don’t really need them. They might be addictive, completely ridiculous to hold onto etc, but letting them go, might be the best thing you could do. Here are 10 of those ‘things’, that you might think, ‘you can do without’.

1) Negativity –

Probably one of the most dangerous emotions in the entire world, doing away with all the negative feelings in your life, can be as helpful as eating chocolate on a screwed up day !


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2) Materialistic Friends –

A bad company might be harmful, but a fake company is always worse. People who stay with you through all the good times, and disappear when you life starts to lose control, might be one more thing that you don’t want in your life. Run While You Can !

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3) A Plan ( for every thing ) –

It’s a pretty good thing to analyse your next step and all…. but it’s not necessary to plan every small little event in your life. Life is all about ‘going with the flow’. Live and let live. Grab the opportunity when it knocks your door, pick yourselves up when you fall. Such ‘big plans’ never really work out anyway. LIFE UNFOLDS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS !!!



4) Drugs –

NO NO NO ! You don’t need them. You think you might but you really don’t. Depressed ? Go play with some children, blow up some balloons… that’s the way ahaan ahaan ! Getting high, won’t solve problems down on earth.

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5) A Truckload of Attitude –

People like an attitude… but not unnecessarily. Don’t just throw your charms without any purpose on every single person you see. Period.



6) Ego –

This is the ‘one thing’, that you should never ever ever have in your personality. Having a big ego, might lead you to dooms day… and Boy does it burn !!!



7) A LOT of Money –

People spend their entire lives, trying to earn a fortune… never realising what for. Earning a lot of money, is not necessary for a happy healthy life… and the sooner people realise that, the better it is !

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8) Outside Support –

You are Enough ! You are the only thing you need to support yourselves. Don’t rely on outside support for anything in your life. If you get, very well…. if you don’t, pack your bags and ROCK ON !

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9) A Big Social Circle –

You don’t need to have a lot of people around you, all the time. A few good friends can suffice, in times of need, so you don’t really need a big social circle. Just you and your awesome Wolf pack !

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10) Time –

You have it… You keep wasting it. So get up and do what you have to do now… because the clock is ticking !!!


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