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10 Things You’ll Understand If You Have Working Parents


10 Things You’ll Understand If You Have Working Parents

With the times changing , the need to make a better future for your children is increasing. Thus, we can see both the parents working their bit to make the life better and brighter. But from the point of view of the child, he/she has much bigger world and their feeling crosses boundaries. Much have been written about the side-effects of the distance between parents and the child. But Here we are discussing only the emotional and mental growth with lots optimism.

Here’s a list of positive notes of working parents

1.Getting the Love of Grandparents

When both your parents work, so as to give you the best in life. Consider yourself lucky because you are getting the best of both worlds. Grandparents pamper you to the most and is always on defend mode.


2.Spree on watching TV & Cartoons & Playing Games becomes your BFF

Watching TV becomes a habit for you, and cartoons become your best friend. There is no one to scold you when you are late on doing your homework. Plus the benefits of Playing Video Games adds bonanza

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3.You get extra love on special days

Since your parents are working day and night, they always make an effort that they spend maximum time with you when they are home. This may mean some special treat cooked by your mom. Or special sports activity with your father.

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4.Freedom of Movement

You can call in your BFF’s and share the gossips, play karaoke, chit chat till your heart satisfaction. After all, best friends are livelihood on which we survive


5.Best People to Consult About Career

Since both your parents are working, they have acquired great knowledge on what is working in the current situation and has great skill of observing the future. Thus your true friend, philosopher and guide lies in your parents.


6.The Happening Parents

You find your parents cool enough because of their matching steps with the current flow. They move with time and never stops you from doing something. After all lessons are best learnt when you make mistakes.


7.Holidays means Trip to Some Unexplored Land

When it is your summer holiday, a hill station is perfect. During winter, Beaches is where you hit. On a regular basis it is not possible to spend quality time together and so during holiday you are lucky enough to holiday and spend time together.


8.You start Respecting them more

Your Mother and Father are working very hard. And, you know for whom they are doing so. Yes, you are the reason, you and your bright future. Respect and Love increases manifolds after a certain age when you realize the sacrifice they are making for your betterment.


9.Your parents makes your special day even more special

They may miss out on your regular day of school dropping and picking. But things that matter to you, matters the most to them. Your Annual Day Function, School Fest and Sports Day, you will always find them by your side supporting you.


10.You become more Independent

Since you automate yourself to do work independently since an early age, growing up and doing your own work is never an issue for you. Your parents are your inspiration to work hard and make life as the way you want.


Have WE missed some points. Please feel free to add another pearl into our garland if you feel there is more to it, in the comment box below.

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