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10 Things Your Body Does When You Are Fast Asleep


10 Things Your Body Does When You Are Fast Asleep

Most of us love sleeping, well for the body it is more than just lazying around. It gives the body a chance to replenish itself. It is an essential activity, the body needs it to be healthy both physically and mentally. However calm and composed we might think our body is when we are resting, it is actually working and repairing.

One-third of our life span is spent sleeping, and if we do not rest properly there can be a serious number of health issues.
Learn out what your body does when you are off snoring or dreaming.

1. Your eyes move.

They roll and once in deeper sleep, they twitch and move around.

2. Skin cells repair themselves.

The next time someone says, beauty is the reason for their great skin believe them. Sleeping is important because our topmost layer of skin has dead cells and breaks down during the day time. At night skin’s metabolic rate increases and it re-nourishes itself.

3. Body jerks.

Have you ever felt that you are running and woke up with a jerk? Well, it is quite common. Your body jerks when you are falling asleep and they are harmless.

4. Lose weight

You lose weight, this happens during day time too but meals and drinking water keeps a balance. So if you are on a diet, you need to catch that beauty sleep.

5. Hormones are secreted

The human body secretes a lot of growth hormones that stimulate growth, cell reproduction.

6. The brain forgets useless information.

The brains keep functioning while you are asleep too, but it keeps forgetting useless things.

7. The body is comparatively taller.

Our body relaxes when sleeping and the weight does not put us down, so the spine relaxes and our body seems taller in the morning.

8. Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking can happen to some, other than that there are a lot of middle-sleep activities that happen. Sleepwalking is not harmful but can lead to dangerous situations.

9. The mouth might get dry

Saliva is produced mainly for eating since it had no use while we are asleep, our mouth might often get dry.

10. Sexual arousal

Both men and women are known to get sexually aroused while sleeping. Your brains work more at night and hence needs more oxygen which might end up with swelling in genitals.

As if I needed more reasons to sleep!

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