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10 Things You’re Doing Online That Are Probably Illegal! Check If Your Activity Is In The List

10 Things You’re Doing Online That Are Probably Illegal! Check If Your Activity Is In The List RVCJ Media


10 Things You’re Doing Online That Are Probably Illegal! Check If Your Activity Is In The List

First of all, internet laws are very confusing and they keep changing constantly. They are different in different countries; obviously, we are not lawyers, so we wouldn’t know which things on the internet are illegal and which ones are legal. For us, everything seems so normal. And many of us don’t know that the “simple” things we do on internet can actually create big problems for us as they aren’t allowed. Having said that, these are 10 things that you should avoid.

1. Torrenting


Well Torrenting itself isn’t an illegal actually; most of the things which are torrented by people on the web like Movies, TV Series, games, software, music make it illegal because they are copyrighted.

2. Unofficial Streaming Services


Basically any show that you’re watching online is for free but actually, its rights are owned by some TV channel or an official streaming site.

3. Accessing the deep web



More than 90% of all the digital users reside in the deep web (Hidden web, the contents of which are not recognized by search engines) and a lot of criminal activities happen here; just accessing a wrong site can get you in trouble.

4. Faking your IP



Well, this one shouldn’t be a surprise for you. You can do everything without revealing your original identity or location. People fake their IP address to access things which are blocked by the country they are living in; if found, the person will have to bear the brunt.

5. Connecting to unsecured, non-public Wi-Fi


No, it’s not because it’s unsafe, it’s because you’re actually stealing the internet and not paying. Now stop using your neighbor’s WiFi connection to download illegal stuff from torrent (Too illegal) :p

6. Unlocking your phone


Many people unlock phones to use different carriers, but to some extent, it is ILLEGAL. Such activities happen on the internet, which is why it is in the illegal list.

7. Ad blockers



In few countries, blocking ads is considered to be illegal, although it’s completely unenforceable.

8. Downloading Images



This is for most of the images that are copyrighted; you cannot share, download and use images without the permission of the company, which holds its copyright.

9. Sharing passwords



There are many paid services and software provided by companies online. They provide passwords to access content (Like adult sites, data storage sites and others); remember you are doing an illegal thing by taking the password.

10. Registering trademarked domain names



Big companies have trademarked nearly everything. Make sure you are not registering any already trademarked name for your domain.

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