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10 Thoughts A Bride Has In Her Mind Before Her Wedding


10 Thoughts A Bride Has In Her Mind Before Her Wedding

Weddings are huge when it is called so! It requires a lot of self attention to cope with all the social pressures. No matter when or where you are getting married, wedding jitters will accompany you.

The wedding impact is a bit different on the bride and the groom’s conscience; though it is the best day ever, the bride is sure to think and feel differently altogether.

Brides will get impatient for their big day to arrive soon. They have been waiting since childhood for their very
own day of magic.

2.A constant fear for the unknown:
Since the wedding day is very important for them,a constant sense of fear is there, without any definite reason
of course. They are frightened about their clothing, makeup, decorations ; just with the hope that everything
goes well.

3.A certain disbelief:
It is not important that who is getting married when, but this day brings an immense amount of astonishment that
she will be starting a new chapter along with a new identity as well.

4.A sense of adventure:
Wedding means a new journey, a new beginning, with a new person who will be there for you forever. So this brings
in a sense of adventure, where you will be discovering something worth to be for.

5.New hope:
Since marriage changes almost everything, there is always that hope for something good, something that will be
joyful, something you will cherish forever.

6.Feeling Thankful for the littlest of things:
Wedding are a happy beginning, where you will be witnessing the fulfillment of one of your most cherished dream.
So,there is a sense of satisfaction which will make you thankful for everything you have.

7.Constant sense of insecurity:
Modern world brings insecurity and unreliability with itself; so starting a whole new life with another person
brings in fear of the same. Trust issues began to creep in though it definitely shouldn’t.

8.Feeling serious:
Marriage means you are not only growing up in numbers, but also in terms of responsibility. A new family, a whole
new life is your very own, where your decisions, duties will make and break a lot.

9.Uncontrollable laughter:
Marriage brings in happiness, loads and loads of it. So it is very normal that you will be at your ecstatic best.
Friends, family will be their to make you feel special, because it is your day.

10.Second thoughts:
Marriage is tough, though it is another form of happiness. Past delusions with personal relationships may cause
in you to feel pressurized, which will give rise to second thoughts about what you are doing.

Thus, apart from all the materialistic requirements you will need the feel to be yourself on that very day, so that you can be the happiest yet realistically glowing of all!

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