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10 Times Netflix Had Us Laughing Out Loud On Twitter


10 Times Netflix Had Us Laughing Out Loud On Twitter

Netflix is probably the coolest online streaming website there is. Not only do they come up with the best original shows and films, but have a pretty active online presence. Kudos to the PR Team at Netflix, for keeping a tab on all their followers and actually taking the time out to reply to all the tweets.

Recently, a guy trolled Netflix on Twitter by saying, “Netflix has such a dead movie selection, no wonder half the time everyone just starts having sex instead.”

But of course, Netflix had a solid reply in place:

Netflix India is no less savage, as a matter of fact. Remember the whole Radhika Apte fiasco and how these guys handled it? We’ve compiled a list of 10 of Netflix’s funniest posts on Twitter:

1. When Netflix’s feelings about Narcos spoilers were same as ours

2. When Netflix out-trolled Zomato for putting up a funny tweet on Radhika Apte’s omnipresence

Netflix tweeted back:

3. When Netflix expressed what the country felt about fuel price hikes

4. When Netflix spoke our mind

5. When Netflix revealed the truth about all Goa trips

6. When Netflix took a dig at Sharma Ji ka Beta

7. When Netflix made the perfect meme we’d all been waiting for

8. When Netflix trolled the people who had been waiting for Deep-Veer wedding pictures

9. When Netflix knew how to convert horror into comedy

10. When Netflix trolled Ranbir’s many avatars on Sanju

We can’t help laughing our hearts out!

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