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10 Tips For Married Couples To Make Their Marriage Life Healthy!!!

Best Love Tips For Newly Married Couples


10 Tips For Married Couples To Make Their Marriage Life Healthy!!!

Marriage Relationships are for lifetime and thus have to start with love. The fizz in this relationship starts when you try to do something really special for your partner. This will surely make it even more exciting and long lasting. Thus, in this article we have listed few best ways to get start your new love!

1.Stop ruling her

You must try to be fond of the person you have married. Be around her all the time. This surely doesn’t mean to get too clingy, as she loves your attention. But doing this too much also can make her be irritated by you. Let her feel that she is emotionally independent.

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2.Do the things that you say

Don’t just utter empty and meaningless words that aren’t accompanied by action. Just letting her how much she means for you isn’t enough; add some affection, love, care, action and respect.

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3.Give some time to your relations to Spill the Secrets

New love can have many things to confess like your secrets. This is really appreciated in trustful relations, but this also has another side. It can also mean that you’re in a hurry for intimacy which is a big turnoff! Thus, it is often better to be patient and take some time to spill the beans.

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4.Stop Pressurising

Pressurising in a new relation is best way to annoy. Thus, do the things by discussing the things and let them be their own.

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5.Happiness is the key

Let the relations feel its happiness. Keep thinking about the things you both can offer each other than being greedy what you can get out of it. Judge the efforts put into this.


6.Be a mystery

Don’t always be close to each other. Give some time for other things like family, cooking, etc. often long-lasting relations are not just he and she. Give some time gap to get the oomph increasing and butterflies in the stomach. This will help make wonder you both about each other and get a thrill into relation.

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7.Be in track

Never ever forget the important dates of you loved ones. This is especially for those husband/boyfriend who is forgetful! Girls hate this! Also you can keep a small note in your mobile or diary for important dates and things that she loves.

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8.Feel special in the new relation

You both need to feel like these things have never happened in your life before. The moments spent together must be so special. Hugs and loads of kisses will keep this going!! (Xoxo)

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9.Know about each other

Try to understand the things he loves. Like his favourite food, songs, colour, etc that will help you get even closer to him.

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9. NEVER miss the calls

Make sure you always answer the calls. This is of course very essential, as it shows the importance of the special calls and the feeling.

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10. Gifts-gifts-gifts

How do we forget this point? Keep the new love blossoming with gifts for any given occasion.


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