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10 Types Of People On Facebook You Want To Block But You Can’t Coz They Are Your Friends!!!


10 Types Of People On Facebook You Want To Block But You Can’t Coz They Are Your Friends!!!

10 Types Of People On Facebook You Want To Block But You Can’t Coz They Are Your Friends!!!

1. Celebrities

These are the people who have 1000’s of friends from every nook & corner of the world and 1000+ followers on their profile.. The craze is such that if they even post “Feeling Sick” Want To Pee” they would end up getting hundreds of Likes.


2. Philosophers

These people are mostly found on Google searching for Inspirational Quotes and then post it on their FB. Try visiting their timeline and you’ll feel as if you are at a Church…Yeah Try That!!!


3. Creepers

These are the people who in real life are called as Stalkers. They never post anything, never LIKE, never COMMENT, never SHARE, but they know everything a friend in his profile does. The best thing is that they never get CAUGHT!!


4. The TimeLine Rapists

These are people who Post every single thing right from Getting Up till they get back to bed. They basically want you to know everything they do.. like in every 5 minutes
Had Shower!!!
Going to GYM!!!
Watching XXX With My Dog!!!
Just Fell-Off my Apartment… I Guess I’m dead!!!

Time Line Rapists

5. Daddy’s Princess

Isn’t it well known that every girl is princess for her dad.. Well there are a few girls who take it too seriously.

Daddy’s Princess

6. Working as Student!!

I Mean Seriously?? What do you work as Student? Clean the floor of your classroom in your school while solving a mathematical problem?? -_-

Working as Student

7. Self-Obsessed

They are the people who have just one thing in their timeline and that is they themselves. “TO HELL WITH YOU WORLD” this is what they believe in!!


8. Like-Addicts

These are very common in every friend list. The only motive left in their life is to get likes on their Pictures & for this they can go to any extent!!

Yeah they might even end up calling you in the midnight and ask you to like and comment on their profile picture!!


9. Attention Seekers

Like the name says you can expect them anywhere! These are highly annoying species who can pull in whole new story for the sake of seeking attention.

You usually find them explaining useless things to others whose only mistake was just that one comment from them on your profile picture “You’re CUTE”. BEWARE OF THEM!!!

Attention Seekers

10. Page Managers

These are the species that live to Post on Pages & Post on Pages to Live. The only time they interact with their family is when something goes wrong with the Internet or PC/Laptops!! However they do it to get smiles on millions of faces!! 😛

Page Managers
Image Source

Which one you can relate to yourself ;)… Do tag and share with your friends if you feel they resemble with any of the above 🙂

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