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10 Unusual Facts from Ramayana Not Known By Most Of The People

10 Unusual Facts from Ramayana Not Known By Most Of The People RVCJ Media


10 Unusual Facts from Ramayana Not Known By Most Of The People

Ramayana, An Epic .
It was created and written by Valmiki and this teaches us about the ideal life of lord Ram and many more to easily gain ethics. There are many incidents from the story of Ramayana that are commonly known by most of us reading this. But, still there are many facts about which we don’t know much.

Here are 10 unusual facts from Ramayana not known by most of us …
Have a look at the following facts…..

1. Ram’s Sister

Ram had an elder sister named Shanta 🙂


2. How Ravan Got 10 Heads

Ravan was a loyal devotee of lord Shiv and to please the lord, he sacrificed his head, but his head grew again. It happened for ten times and Ultimately lord Shiva gave him all the ten heads.


3. Original King of Lanka is Kuber

Kuber created Lanka for his own use but his stepbrother Ravan attacked him and took away the palace 😛


4. Laxman was a spirit of Shesh Naag

Everybody knows lord Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, but usually people don’t know that Laxman was deity of Shesh Naag.

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5. Laxman Never Slept during 14 Years of Exile

Laxman never slept while the entire exile of 14 years. He asked the goddess of sleep Nindra to overlook him so that he can take care of Ram and Sita while in exile.


6. Bali Killed Krishna in His Next Birth

Jara, the hunter who killed lord Krishna was a reincarnation of Bali


7. Laxman Died Because of Ram’s Words

Once lord Ram met Yam and said anybody to intercept the meeting would be given death punishment and unfortunately, Laxman entered the room where Ram was meeting Yam. To keep the promise of elder brother, Laxman claimed his life


8. Why Hanuman is Called Bajrangbali

Once Sita told Hanumaan that she puts vermilion (sindoor) on her head for a long and healthy life of lord Ram. Hearing this, Hanuman smeared his entire body with vermilion for making Ram’s life utmost safe. Bajrang is a Hindi term for sindoor, hence Hanuman was given a name after it, and that’s Bajrangbali.


9. How Squirrels got White Stripes

While monkeys making Ram Setu, the bridge to reach Lanka, a squirrel tried to help them by carrying sand. Monkeys laughed to watch this, but Ram praised the squirrel for its dedication. Ram cuddled the back of squirrel and the stripes appeared as the finger signs.


10. Surparnkha Wanted Ravan to Die

That’s really surprising but actually Ravan had killed Surpankha’s husband Dushtabuddhi for which she wanted to take revenge from Ravan.


I guess, You all find this post surprising as many of the things not known by you 🙂
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