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10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine Day

10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine Day RVCJ Media


10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine Day

Love is one of the most endearing emotions that the Almighty has endowed us with. It is on this extraordinary emotion that the very survival of the human race leans. Humans minus love would cease to be humans any longer. Therefore, commemorating such great an emotion by assigning a whole day to it is simply awe-inspiring. Valentine’s Day, as we all know this day by, is just a heartbeat away and so, let’s quickly glance through a few ways to celebrate this day.

1. Go for a movie


Star-struck as we Indians are, going for a movie is always a good choice. Make sure you go for a romantic one though, book two nice seats and order one bucket of popcorn to be placed in between the seats. Also, make it a point to hold each other’s hands occasionally for it’ll only spice things up.

2. Go on a long drive


Just picture only you two going on a long drive singing out loud your favorite romantic numbers with no one meddling in your affairs. Simply picturesque! Ain’t it?

3. Go to a restaurant


Select an off the beaten track restaurant/resort; book the poolside table and plunge in a heart-to-heart conversation. Epic written all over it.

4. Go to the beach


Walk on the beach hand in hand; splash water on each other and let the cool sea breeze brush against you two. Ready to fall in love all over again?

5. Surprise your partner


This one’s for the working people. Get your partner sulking by not wishing him the whole day so that when he heads back home and flings the door open, he finds a mouth-watering valentine’s day cake right next to the doorway.

6. Spread Love


This Valentine’s Day, don’t keep love to yourself but spread it across. Visit an orphanage with your valentine and bring a smile curve on the faces of children. Trust me, your kindness would be reciprocated in plenty.

7. Celebrate Singlehood


It’s not that only the couples reserve the right to celebrate this day. C’mon, celebrate Love! What could be a better option than spending time with your family and making them feel special.

8. Divine blessing


Well, few think that Valentine’s day is too elegant an occasion to be spent seeking divine blessings. That’s real shallow. Go visit a shrine or temple with your valentine and let the divine power bless you two in bountiful heaps.

9. Make your partner family


This Valentine’s day, do something offbeat and ask her over to your home. Introduce her to your family. When you celebrate your courtship with your family around, the feeling you get is plainly peerless.

10. Go for the Valentine’s Day party


Swing your body to some romantic numbers and let the mood sink in. Take part in the ‘Best Couple’ contest and do all it takes to win it, even if it means bending a few moral codes and rules.

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