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10 Ways To Kill Your Dreams!


10 Ways To Kill Your Dreams!

We have all had some dreams , that we always wanted to live, dreams that are not accomplished yet, dreams that we dream to turn into reality. Some of them are buried deep within us and some we have just put in the closets of our heart! Do they still breathe ? or have you already murdered them? Here , I will tell you the easiest ways in which you can or rather you are killing your own dreams.

1. Asking the question :- “can I?”


The moment when you doubt the fact that YOU CAN ,you hit a blow on the very origin of your dreams and then all you do is keep it dead inside you.

2. Not asking “HOW?”


Remember how the right answers helped you get full marks in that school test? Yes , it’s indeed the same reward you get by asking the right question! Try asking “how?” on the face of your dreams and then you will be flooded with ideas to help your dreams live!

3. Compromising tomorrow with today


When you take your today to be ‘the life’ you have , you forget that you can make more of it. You do not think of how you want your tomorrow to be and then slowly your dreams sink in the closet! Congrats you killed it just now!!.

4. Riding the ‘UNICORN’ of Success


You think it’s an over night journey? Please read and re-read the success stories you know about,nothing is created overnight apart from a baseless rumour.Keep your patience and realise that it takes time to build something you can live by.

5. Chasing too many rabbits.


When you chase all the rabbits trying to catch ‘one’ you miss all of them, get tired and quit the chase! Result , empty hands.
Instead think this.. you fix your eyes on one rabbit, chase it through and do all the efforts till you are tired, yaa.. you know you will have it in hands. Hence keep your focus, on your dreams and follow it instead changing your dreams will all your heart.

6. Depending on an ‘Angel’.


When you depend on someone else to take away your pain, you put your expectations and get hurt and then waste yourself in healing this newly endured pain. No , I don’t mean you will not need advice or should never have a mentor, I just see you asking questions from them learning from their expertise and then applying all of the knowledge gained to try your solutions

7. Not seeking help.

You heard it right, “when you know it all, you actually know nothing at all!”. There will always be people who have something to offer to you, you just need to be humble enough to seek the right advise in the right time. there is a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence. BEWARE!

8. Believing in ‘the happily ever’ after nuisance.


It’s not always rosy red, you will always have patches of difficulties and the power to overcome them. Accept this truth so that your dreams do not break in the very first sign of struggle.

9. Comparing yourself with your ‘successful neighbour/friend/cousin/relative’ etc.

quote-wanting-to-be-someone-else-is-a-waste-of-the-person-you-are-kurt-cobain-39039 (1)

When not all the five fingers in your own hand are not the same , how will the two of you be? the level of your success should be marked from the journey you took,so you kill the time you could rather spend writing your story and hence you let your dream die.

10. Fearing Failure


So you failed, yet again?! Congrats !! cause every failure is a step towards your success.Din’t read those motivational quotes ,haan? 😉
But when you stop trying just because you failed this time again, you brutally murdered a dream that was nearest to come alive.

Now you know how to KILL IT , and also how NOT TO.Tag, Share and Save a dream!! CHEERS!!

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