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10 Ways Life Changes After Marriage

10 Ways Life Changes After Marriage RVCJ Media

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10 Ways Life Changes After Marriage

Shaadi. Shaadi is what is the ultimate route to happiness, apparently. Every birthday after hitting 20s is a painful reminder to your parents that you are still not ‘settled’ in life. Even if you have a brilliant career and fantastic life in general. Bas, shaadi ho jaay! Here, we list ten ways in which marriage changes life.

 1. Now you HAVE to share your life.


No more taking moody day offs, you have a partner to answer to. Its lovely that you have someone to talk to, but its also kind of sad that you can’t zip yourself away to solitude without causing alarm.

 2. You are married to your partner….


And their family. 5th circle of relatives that didn’t even attend the wedding. You have to know them all.

 3.  You learn to compromise.


Back then, you got your way, most times. Your life decisions concerned mostly you. Now after marriage, you have a whole new person and thier life being altered because of your decisions.

 4. No more irresponsible behavior.


You can’t get drunk and pass out in random bars anymore. Even if you have friends that will drop you home safely, you can’t make that a regular affair. No more sneaking a cigarette in your room too!

 5. You learn patience.


And are ready to teach and to be taught. You deal with fights in a more mature way, instant breakups and patchups don’t work anymore.

 6. You feel secure.


No more #foreveralone scenes for you. You have your person who loves you to the moon and back.

 7. You combine dreams.


And goals of yours with your spouse’s. Your finances are combined, you aren’t a spendthrift. Your parents are relieved.

 8. You learn to co-exist.


And put up with annoying relatives on your spouse’s side. You also put up with little quirks, weird and alien to you, only because you love them so much 🙂

 9. You learn to prioritize.


You juggle family life, work life and friends. YAY you!  You can’t stay away from home for three nights straight for sleepovers.

 10. You learn to take better care of yourself and others too.


You become a mature person, and we are not saying you are any less fun.

Well, may be 😛

Agree with us? Shaadi can be devastating? Shoot a comment, tag all the newly weds and the soon-to-be-weds 😉

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