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10 Ways in Which Narendra Modi Shared His Digital India Campaign.


10 Ways in Which Narendra Modi Shared His Digital India Campaign.

Narendra Modi Recently Met the Tech Titans Of World’s Top IT Companies. He during his visit to Silicon Valley had a meet with top CEO’s like Sundar Pichhai of Google , Satya Nadella of Microsoft , Tim Cook of Apple etc.. In a speech at the Silicon Valley he promoted His Dream campaign which he is working on” Digital India Campaign ” and made sure that he with his vision attracts most of the top Companies to Invest in India.

Here Are the Key Points from His Speech at Silicon Valley

1. The Status That Now Matters …


“The status that now matters is not whether you are Awake Or You are Asleep , But Whether you are Online Or Offline….”

2. The Most Fundamental Debate …


” The Most Fundamental Debate for our youth today is the Choice between Android , IOS or Windows.. ”

3. My Government has attacked poverty ….


” My government has attacked Poverty by using networks and mobile phones to launch a new era of empowerment and inclusion..”

4. I See Technology as a means to…


” I See technology as a means to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity… ”

5. I have Just Launched …


” I have just launched The Narendra Modi Mobile App..It helps me to stay in close with people..”

6. We Have Setup E-BIZ Portal…


” We have setup E-BIZ Portal to make approvals for Businesses and citizens easy and efficient…”

7 . We Want our 1.25 Billion People ..


” We want our 1.25 Billion people to be Digitally Connected.. ”

8. Teaming up with Google we Will Ensure …


” Teaming Up With Google we will ensure Free WIFI at 500 railway stations in Very Short time .. ”

9. Today we Speak Of India – U.S Partnership …


” Today we Speak Of India – U.S Partnership As a Defining Partnership of this Century.. ”

10. Digital India Is a Enterprise …


” Digital India is a Enterprise for India’s transformation on a Scale that is , Perhaps unmatched in Human History.. “

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