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10 Ways To Avoid Car Accident That Every Driver Should Read


10 Ways To Avoid Car Accident That Every Driver Should Read

Car accidents have become so common nowadays. Every day we get to see news of cars running into something and bringing havoc on the driver as well as the passenger/passengers. Some of the car drivers simply ask for trouble by driving recklessly while others meet with accidents by acting dumb on roads. Let’s look at some ways car accidents can be best avoided.

1. Maintain enough distance between your car and the vehicle ahead you. More so, if that vehicle happens to be heavy weight like Truck. The logic being if that vehicle comes to an abrupt halt due to some reason, you have enough time to react and pull your car over to avoid bumping into it:


2. Get off your cell phones. If the call is utmost important, you can always put it on speaker. Moreover, modern cars come with cell phone holders for you to keep your phones there. Use them:


3. When the road is slippery, be careful and drive slowly. We all know how nasty a trouble we can get ourselves into if the tyres skid beyond our control:


4. Try avoiding crowded roads as far as possible. With more number of people on the roads, the probability of accidents only shoots up:


5. One golden rule. Never make an assumption about other drivers being as cautious, smart and watchful as you. A whole lot of accidents take place because of the faults made by other drivers:


6. Everybody loves listening to music while on the move. You very well might do that but don’t just blast your speakers. Be mindful of what’s going on around you.:


7. Before you hit the roads, make it a habit to check if your car is in the perfect working condition. Stress on brakes, headlights, wipers etc:


8. Just because somebody drove past you, don’t get involved in a fiery competition with him. We already have all the parts of Fast and Furious with us and simply don’t want a local version of it:


9. Don’t even try driving while you are tired or are in a sleepy state. It can prove to be really fatal:


10. Traffic rules are for our safety. Follow them and also give proper signals as and when needed:

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Safe Driving……

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