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10 Weird But Delicious Food Combos You Must Try In India

10 Weird But Delicious Food Combos You Must Try In India RVCJ Media


10 Weird But Delicious Food Combos You Must Try In India

The demand for best vadapav Indian dish never goes down, thanks to its deliciousness. While you wonder what is the best food combos that you must try in India, we made a list to make your appetite fill easier.

1. Chinese Bhel

This is available almost in all roadside stalls in India, but the fact is it’s the only ‘Chinese’ chaat out there makes a unique combination. Spiced up with some freshly chopped tomatoes and coriander, tastes heavenly.

chinese bhel
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2. Schezwan Dosa

Yes, all dosa fans out there, this is a must try. If you are bored with regular dosa, this might be a chance for a change.

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3. Chocolate Pizza

Looking for something cheesy and sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth. Now this chocolate pizza should also be on your wish list. The taste of cheese and thin crust along with mouthwatering chocolate drizzles will make feel godly.

pizza choco
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4. Vodka Pani Puri

We always look to desi-fy anything we come across. There is no exception, when it comes to vodka pani puri, instead of telling “Bhaiyya Pls extra paani dena”, we just ask for another shot with just a signal.

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5. Chilli Ice Cream

Can you handle heat? I love spicy things, but never expected that will be available with ice-cream in flavors. I have taste spicy bubblegum but not ice creams with a note of spiciness. The more you have it, the spicier each bite gets.

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6. Paan Shots

Well, there is an old wives tale that says paan can destroy your teeth. So how about drinking it? These easy to digest drinks are made milk and betel leaves. Another variety of it, is the vodka version.

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7. Shrimp Samosa

We are still searching for that answer, who found this complicated food combination. We all love samosa, if you are a hater then we probably will hate you. Trying Shrimp Samosa is really a fabulous experience. If you feel that usual green peas and potato filling samosas in Punjabi style to too mainstream then go fishy extremely with this seafood samosa.

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8. Nutella Parantha

Piping hot paranthas filled with delicious layer of Nutella. Its widely available in all restaurants.

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9. Manchurian Bhajji

Once again a Chinese dish that got popular in India. No more paying huge cost to taste the spicy Manchurian dish in a plush restaurant. They are now available at stalls outside, schools, colleges and railway stations. Well the bhajiyas and pakodas just got upgraded.

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10. Paneer Pizza

Panner, which is also known as cottage cheese is our all time favorite so adding it to all, even pizza. A best combination with paneer topping and cheese. Drooling right?

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