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10 Of The Most Weird Hairstyles In Indian Cinemas

10 Of The Most Weird Hairstyles In Indian Cinemas RVCJ Media

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10 Of The Most Weird Hairstyles In Indian Cinemas

In India , People copy every fashion from movies and from western culture and moreover Fashion in Indian streets get the blast from Bollywood,every Friday there is a new and unique fashion in the Indian market whether its of clothes or of hairstyles .

Now tell me what will happen when hair style goes wrong in the movie!
You will laugh and never ever think to copy that hairstyle may be 😛 😛

Here are 10 weird and mind storming hairstyles infrom Indian Cinemas ,you never wanna copy even in your dreams 😛

1. Rajpal Yadav

Standing tower is not a style 😛
Image Source

2. Kunal Khemu

Even girls don’t have this hairstyle with red shirt …seriously bro 😛
Image Source

3. Karishma Kapoor

Please Comb your hairs please …..
Image Source

4. Ranveer Singh

Bro … Is everything Alright ?? please change it 😛
Image Source

5. Akshay Kumar

Result of love with Mala 😛
Image Source

6. Sanjay Dutt

Not stunning but thrilling 😛 …. scariest look
Image Source

7. Hrithik Roshan

Free hairstyle … no need of salon 😛
Image Source

8. Shakti Kapoor

Standing Tower …. PArt 2 😛
Image Source

9. Radhika

Cow’s tail on head 😛
Image Source

10. Anil Kapoor

Chipkkoo hairstyle on Date 😛 … You are damn famous but please 😛
Image Source

hahahaha… Would you mind to ever try the above hairstyles ??
Bet with with friends If they lost to you then you can give them these hairstyle as dares 😛 😛
Share , If You like 😀

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