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10 Weirdest Laws Around The World! We Bet You Must Have Not Even Heard Of Them!


10 Weirdest Laws Around The World! We Bet You Must Have Not Even Heard Of Them!

Every country has its own set of laws and citizens have to respect it. For example, in India, you are not allowed to break traffic laws and there’s a hefty fine for it. Likewise different countries have different rules, but some of them are “Too weird” to digest. Today, we have come up with a list of 10 strangest laws you must have ever heard. In fact, you’ll be amazed on knowing them. All set to get some knowledge? Read the list below;

1. In Milan (Italy), there’s fine for not smiling!

We have seen people paying fines for committing crimes or breaking rules, but have you heard about “Fine for not smiling”? Well, this weird rule is found in Milan, Italy. There, people need to pay a hefty fine if they don’t smile constantly; this rule isn’t applicable at funerals or in hospitals.

2. LOL, being fat in Japan is not allowed!

This rule was started in the year 2009. A maximum waistline limit has been set by the lawmakers; for men above 40 years, it’s 31 inches and for women, it’s 35 inches. This law is called “Metabo”.

3. You can’t tease a dog in Oklahoma!

Yes, in Oklahoma, it is against the law to make ugly faces at the dog or tease it. People who do this are imprisoned.

4. Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore!

You can chew gum in Singapore only if a doctor prescribes it. Apart from therapeutic use, it’s considered to be illegal. Only gums of therapeutic value are allowed to be imported. It’s hard to believe it, but this rule has come into effect since 1992. There is a fine of $500 if you are caught chewing gum and spitting it on the street.

5. No blue jeans in North Korea!

According to North Korea, blue color is associated with USA and so, citizens can wear only black jeans.

6. No flushing toilets after 10 pm in Switzerland!

No, we aren’t joking, there’s actually a law like this in Switzerland. There, it’s believed that if a toilet is flushed after 10 pm, it contributes to noise pollution. So aren’t we supposed to go to toilets at night or are we supposed to leave them as it is?

7. You can’t run out of petrol on Germany’s Autobahn!

Running out of petrol in Germany is illegal! Fine ranges from €30 to €70; it is considered to be a human error (Of course, this situation can be controlled if fuel tanks are checked in advance), which is why it is punishable.

8. Wow, don’t pay if you don’t feel full!

This is a wonderful law. In Denmark restaurants, if you don’t feel full, there is no compulsion of paying for the food you order. Only if you feel that “Fullness” after your meal, you have to pay the bill. Else, you have the option of walking away without paying a penny. How sweet!

9. In Philippines, you can’t annoy someone!

In this country, annoying someone is a crime and you just can’t do it. This act is called “Unjust vexation” and a person who annoys others can be punished under Article 287 of the Penal code for being “Annoying”.

10. This is funny! In Florida, you can’t fart post 6 pm!

It’s considered to be illegal if you pass wind in public after 6 pm; the citizens there can do it privately in their homes, but at a public place, it is a strict NO!

Do you know some more weird laws like these?

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