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10 Weirdest Of Weird Things That Men Do When They Are Alone


10 Weirdest Of Weird Things That Men Do When They Are Alone

Oh I’m alone today! Men’s love to stay alone, but are you aware of any specific reason behind their behavior? Oh yes, caught them, because they can do weirdest of weird things at home when alone.

1. You may open the doors for more than 10 times to know what’s special inside the fridge.


2. Once you have convinced yourself that you don’t have any food or snack preserved, you try making new recipes yourself.


3. As soon as the family members move out of the house, you shed off your cloths and love to move around half naked.


4. Believe it not, every boy has experienced this hair styling phase in his life. You keep trying different hairstyles and see what suits you the best.


5. Being alone at home is fun, and this is the best time when you can examine your body even using a microscope. You measure your chest, thigh, muscles and more.


6. Men’s do smell their armpits when they have no one around.


7. This is besides the adult movies factor; they also watch weird movies with loud music.


8. You want those perfect spikes on hair? Oh, caught you mixing coconut oil with water for a new hairstyle.

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9. How can’t this skip the list? Enjoying adult movies are among the favourite task of men when they are all alone at home.


10. You may keep trying various hand stunts by following the instruction given by the mother god ‘You tube’.giphy

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