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100 Year Old Lady Does Belly Dance.


100 Year Old Lady Does Belly Dance.

Have you ever seen a 100 year old lady dancing?? I guess your answer will be no.
But Catherine Furst, known to her friends as Kay, who turned 100 this week feels young enough to do Belly Dance.

At the beginning of her career, Furst was a hairdresser. She used to dance in the salon where she used to work and do dance for customers at private parties in their homes.
She has been dancing for several years and says she is not going to stop.
She said —

“I started when I was about 30, I think. That’s when I had a shape.”



On her 100th birthday, she wore the same outfit she used to belly dance in during the 1970s. Furst said she used to dance in the beauty parlor and her customers would invite her to entertain.

She added —

“They used to come to my shop and they would get their hair done and invite me to come and dance in those gorgeous homes.”

“I still dance but some of them, the seniors, they don’t like it so much”

Furst credits her long-lasting health to her geriatric gyrating. She plans to keep it up for as long as she can. She said —

“The more you do something for somebody, God will bless you. And that’s what I’ve done all my life,”

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Source: WPBF

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