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10th or 12th Board Marks Can’t Decide Your Future


10th or 12th Board Marks Can’t Decide Your Future

“Did you score 78 percent in 12th? No me lad, you have no future. The tens digit should always be a 9.”


We often hear such things from people encompassing us, including our relatives, parents and teachers.  These digits draw a conclusion to one’s future right? If you can’t score a 90, you stand nowhere buddy. That’s exactly what our brains have been stuffed with since time knows when. 

I know an acquaintance of mine who scored a good 98% in 12th board ICSE. His parents wanted him to be a Neurologist. He had other pies in the skies for himself. He was very passionate about music. He had the required inventiveness for the same. 5 years later, after becoming a neurologist, he’s now affiliated with a well known rock band in Delhi, and is doing pretty well, and most importantly he is “HAPPY”.

On the other hand I flunked 12th class, and now am a writer who transcribes to motivate and has an intendment in life. And yes, I am “EARNING” and I am happy with what I am doing.

Did the digits decide anybody’s future? I scored 58% in totality, and my effectuations are my readers, you guys. My friend scored 98% and you guys listen to him on every radio channel rather than seeing him in hospitals and clinics.

12th board exams results are just announced, and as per my knowledge CBSE had changed the pattern of the examination almost completely just before the exams began. Students are so disheartened; I could see them crying outside their centers. 18 year old crying is quite a scene.

I would like to convey it to such students that, these marks, or the “digits” are not going to decide your future, trust me. Your hard work, consistency, dedication and lust for success are the only determinants for a bright future that is ahead of you. Don’t cry, instead stand up and prepare yourself, for the worse might come in your way. You have the potential, you can do it. These digits can’t take away your potential or judge you capabilities. The score would hardly make any sense 10 years from now, and you would laugh at your silliness of crying after your 12th boards. None of this would matter. None of this can rob you off your talents and skills. None can, believe me. You just have to maintain the faith that you have in yourself, and everything will fall back in place.

Good Luck For Your Future.

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