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11 Best Places In Kolkata To Eat! Guaranteed To Give You A Foodgasm!

11 Best Places In Kolkata To Eat! Guaranteed To Give You A Foodgasm! RVCJ Media


11 Best Places In Kolkata To Eat! Guaranteed To Give You A Foodgasm!

Kolkata is known for its desserts. But the street food and restaurant culture there is off the chart! You will get anything and everything at the most reasonable price in the country!

Here are 11 such places for delicious food that you must visit when you’re in Kolkata!

1. Shiraz – Mutton Roll

Go here for the Mutton Roll! You’ll fall in love with it for sure!

2. Zeeshan – Mutton Roll

Another place for the roll lovers! Have a Mutton roll from Shiraz, then head to Zeeshan and have a mutton roll there. And you will realize how different two same dishes can be!

3. Hot Kathi Rolls, Park Street – Egg Chicken Roll

The difference here is that the meat of the rolls is cooked on a Kathi and slow cooked. The result? Foodgasm!

4. 6, Ballygunge Place – Ilish Macch

If traditional Bengali food is what you crave then leave everything you’re doing and go here! Beautifully cooked meat and great hospitality. You will love this place!

5. Arsalan – Mutton Biryani

From Biryani to Mutton Kassa, everything here is delectable. If you have a huge appetite, then head out here and get eating! You will love everything they have on their menu.

6. Kewpie’s Kitchen – Fish or Mutton Meal

Bengali Home cooked food is your calling? Then go straight to Elgin lane where you will find Kewpie’s. The Fish curry and the mutton here is to die for!

7. Nahoum and Sons – Rum Balls

For dessert, move on to Hogg Market in the New Market area for some heavenly cream rolls from Nahoums. Once you reach there, do not miss out on trying the Rum balls! They are unbelievably tasty!

8. Balwant Singh da Dhaba – Doodh Cola

For your midnight food cravings, head to Balwant Singh da Dhabafor some out of the world Doodh Cola! Yes you heard it right Milk mixed with Coca Cola which is the tastiest thing you will ever drink!

9. Gangurams – Rossogulla

Yup, one of the best Rasgulla you will find in tow. Also, try the Nalin Gurer Sandesh to give yourself another foodgasm!

10. Flury’s – Park Street

If a traditional English breakfast is what you enjoy, head to Flury’s! The baked beans of toast, the bacon, the pastries! Everything is delightful. And yes, please taste the Dundee cake if you’re visiting during Christmas!

11. Sharma Tea House – Kesariya Tea

If you like bhaand tea, head straight to Sharma’s tea house where you get more than 40 varieties of tea! Also the Puri Sabzi you get there is straight up amazing! Don’t miss it!

Kolkata is a beautiful city. And it’s food makes it so so much better! If you haven’t gone there yet, pack your bags and get dining! 🙂

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