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11 Important Google URL’s You Should Know It Right Away..!!


11 Important Google URL’s You Should Know It Right Away..!!

It is no wonder saying Google is also a part of our Life. Everything you do, every Place you visit, your Intrests, your Passwords what not Google has an Idea about all these Things with the Help of your Google Account and the Smartphone you use.

Here Presenting you with 11 important Google Links which are useful in our Daily Life

All these are available in your Google Account only if you have connected your Google Account with your Smartphone.


Google allows you to Filter Ads based on your Intrests. There are almost 15+ Ad Categories to Select from. You can even add another Catery of your Intrest also.  Google provides an option to Turn ON or OFF also.

Here is the Link:


Google also calculates your age and gender based on your ads.



Google stores all the Auto Sign In Passwords which you saved on different websites by signing in with your Google Account and clicks Save Password option. You can even know the Password by clicking the Highlighted option in the Picture below.

Here is the Link:



Everything and Anything you Search on Google when you are signed in goes into thier Record and is saved even after many Years. You can even see the Google Searches made by you for any previous day.

Here is the Link:

2google history

Google Provides Search History even for your Smart Phone Device.

2all history


Google stores all you Account Information like How many Android Devices you are signed in, your Google Calender, Google Contacts, Google Docs.

Here is the Link:


Gmail Conversations, Groups, Maps, Location History, Google Photos, Play Store Apps, Youtube Videos etc.



You can change many Settings of your Google Account. Like Security Settings, Personal and Privacy Settings, Account Preferences etc.

Here is the Link:




Google also meets your Requirement and allows users to Download Everything from your Google Account. Like Youtube Videos, Google Photos, Contacts, Bookmarks, Location History, Google Drive Files, Blogger Stuff etc.

Here is the Link:

7take out


Wondering who is using your Google Account? Or want to know How many Devices you are signed in with your Google Account. Google Provides even this Data also.

Here is the Link:


Google Account will be Terminated if you don’t login once in every 9 months, People with multiple Google accounts may forget to Login in every 9 months. So Google Provides an Option to set up a Secondary Account for Reminders purpose.

Here is the Link:


8inactiveThus you can Set Reminders and can Protect your Account from Termination.



Just Like Google Search History you can even Manage your Youtube Search History also. This Includes all the Searches made on Youtube with your Google Account Signed in.

Here is the Link: or

9youtube history 91

Also Youtube Watch History also.

9youtube history10

Google even Stores your Voice Search, Do you ever know about this. I was Shocked to know about this. You can even Play it with the Option as shown in the Pic Below.

Check your Voice Search Here:

10Voice History



And Here comes the Ultimate One. I am Sure You will Wonder how can this Happen. Ever Wondered where were you Last Sunday or on New Year’s Eve 2 years Back. Google has a Solution for this also, Google Stores all the Locations you visit with your Smart Phone Device.

Note: This is available only for those who has Location History ON for your Google Account in your Smart Phone.

Here is the Link:

11location history

So how many of these Links Do you know Already?? Post you Views in the Comment Section Below.


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