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These 11 International Borders Will Surely Change Your Concept Of Borders


These 11 International Borders Will Surely Change Your Concept Of Borders

Border – A word or place that indicates a separation between two countries. It separates two country peoples with each other in every sense . You cannot cross the border without a visa. It is one of the worst work done by Government policies . We are same and need to be remain same .
Border is a very sensitive area where you cannot enter to other country without permission .
This pic shows the border between INDIA and PAKISTAN …..


Yeah , so much tensions in this border as heard in everyday’s news .
But , there are some other countries where Border is just a line only
Believe me ……. 😀

Here are 11 exciting and mind-boggling borders throughout the world

1. Trio Border between Hungary, Slovakia and Austria


2. Border between USA and Mexico


3. Border between Spain and Morocco


4. Border between Belgium and Netherlands


5. Border Between Canada and USA


6. Trio Border between Paraguay , Argentina and Brazil


7. Border Between Argentina and Chile


8. Border between Sweden and Norway


9. Border between Russia and Ukraine


10. Border between Hungary and Romania


11. Border between Italy and Vatican City


Agr aisa ho jae INDIA PAKiSTAN border toh sb theek ho jaega 😀

Really superb …….
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