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11 Matrimonial Ads That Seem Too Funny To Be True


11 Matrimonial Ads That Seem Too Funny To Be True

When it comes to marriage in India, people go back way worth to decades into the requirements of culture and basically stay stagnant on it. Let it be the family of a Parsi, a Punjabi or a south Indian, all of them take as much pride in their values for selecting the bride or the groom.

But, modernization in the way of finding the perfect match has changed over the period of time. From brokers to newspapers to the matrimonial sites the way to publish ads for the matrimony has changed except for the requirements.

Here is a list of the matrimonial ads placed in the newspapers by some exceptional cases. Enjoy the read,

1. The Punjabi Khatris have a lot of demands

Image Source

2. Believe the innocent divorcee

Image Source

3. Visa No bAR… LOL !!!

Image Source

4. Brahmins want a non-veg girl!!!

Image Source

5. This ones a fitness freak

Image Source

6. Mom’s impeccable search or speech

Image Source

7. Quality of Burkha matters

Image Source

8. Don’t worry. It’s curable

Image Source

9. Much irony. Such hypocrisy

Image Source

10. Asking too much there, aren’t you?

Image Source

11. “Bulk order de rahe ho kya?”

Image Source

‘hahahaha’, ‘LoL’ ,’ROFL’ which one is yours after seeing this 😛
If you are planning to put up a matrimonial ad on some newspaper, I suggest you learn from these mistakes, and … don’t. 😛 😛

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