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11 Myths About The Earth Which We Believe From Our Childhood!


11 Myths About The Earth Which We Believe From Our Childhood!

In school, childhood we learned some of the facts like Mount Everest being the highest mountain on the earth, the Dead sea being the saltiest place and river Nile being the longest river in the world. But these are false! The truth is different and after taking a look at these we’ll just know how amazing our World is.

Here are those 11 misconceptions.

MYTH 1. The Great wall of China is visible from the space


MYTH 2. Clouds are weightless


MYTH 3. Sahara desert is the largest desert in the World


MYTH 4. Diamond is unbrakable


MYTH 5. Lightning doesn’t strike twice at the same place


MYTH 6. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the World


MYTH 7. Nile is the longest river on earth


MYTH 8. Dead sea is the saltiest place on earth


MYTH 9. All trees get water from their roots


MYTH 10. Water conducts electricity


MYTH 11. Angel falls are the highest falls in the World


How many of these were taught to you? Do share this with your friends to let them know the truth. Let us know your viws about the article, please write in the comments section below.

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