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11 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Working Women!!!

11 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Working Women!!! RVCJ Media


11 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Working Women!!!

1. No SHOPPING bills

She will shop but you will not pay for her shopping. YIPIEE !!


2. Share your big fat grocery bills

Not just her shopping but also your groceries and flat rent, etc will be shared. In short, no financial burden on you. To ab kya…khayejao, khayejaaursatmola se pachaye ja 😉


3. No Bossing at home

Since she knows how it feels to be bossed by somebody, thank her boss and her office experience for this. She will not want to do the same thing to her dear hubby.


4. Independence to do office parties

Being from the same culture, she will understand how important office parties are for you.
So now, no maska required for staying late at office parties. She will understand 


5. Expensive/Nice/Techie gifts

Who know you might be getting an ipad or a smart watch for your next birthday and that too from her salary. If she has money, she will spend it on you only ofcourse.


6. A shoulder to vent out office politics

She will not just listen to you but may also provide some valuable inputs as she also works in a similar environment.


7. Open space for Luxury in life

Since both of you earn, you can move on to luxuries after you are done with your necessities. You may get to buy that ‘bike’ you always wanted to as financial burden on you is less.


8. More freedom to be friends with female colleagues

As she herself works in a co-worker environment, she will doubt you less ad give you more freedom to talk to your female friends. She won’t believe in the age old dialog :“ekladkaaurladkikabhidostnahi ho sakte”


9. Chutti from outdoor household tasks like gas connection, electricity bills, etc

These tasks will be well managed by her on her way to work itself. She knows how tiring it is to work in office as well as home so she won’t let that happen to you also.


10. Weekends will be more fun

She also spends whole week in that boring office like you so she would also want to do something interesting over weekends that just watch TV. Hang out with friends (hers or yours).Plan some adventure trip, etc.


11. Be the man world wants to see

It is an era of equality – Don’t just talk about male- female equality but promote it yourself. Support you working wife in being your financial equal and cherish together.


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