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11 Reasons To Love Bangalore!!!

11 Reasons To Love Bangalore!!! RVCJ Media


11 Reasons To Love Bangalore!!!

First of all it isn’t Bangalore its Bengaluru. But, I know Bangalore is more stuck in all mind so the title says it. In this article today we have listed few points that will surely get you go live in or visit Bangalore.

1.Music Lovers paradise

Most of the India’s best concerts take place in Bangalore. Thus, if you are a music lover this place is a must visit. They have amazing rock culture throughout the city.


2.Pubs and Pubs

You can find pub at each corner of this city. Step to whichever street you are sure to find a good cosy pub serving your favourite drinks – thus boozers love this city.


3.Best Utopian Climate

This city has just the perfect weather all throughout the year. It’s neither too hot nor too cold in the city.


4.Cleaner and Greener

This city is known for its beauty that has many parks even at the side of the busiest area! This city has amazing green cover.


5.Do they know Traffic?

You will find the traffic in the city Bangalore very laidback and also very less when compared to other metropolitan cities. You will never get to hear the long traffic jam hours in the relaxed Bangalore.

Metro train on trail run in Bangalore


Bangalore is also known for its artistic, graffiti and many other arts that can be seen on the city walls. This will surely make you feel like you are steeping towards the open art gallery!



Indians are incomplete without their variety food and Bangalore is not left behind. They love their food and thus take it damn seriously. Go to find many themed restaurants in the city Bangalore.


7.Close to vacation areas

There are many famous weekend getaways that are very close to this city. You can either travel Goa or even Gokarna, which is 7-8 hours from this main city. Is Mangalore and Kerala in your mind…..yes, they too are very close!


8.Trendy Youthful crowd

Bangalore youth are well known as the progresser of India. If you remember they were the 1st to some up with the idea of flash mobs.


9.Awesome nightlife!

Tired of the deadline in the other metro cities? Not here at Bangalore! You can enjoy the best nightlife with discos and even clubs that have deadline till 1 am on the weekend.


10.Lowest Crime Rate

This city isn’t like other such as UP and Haryana that see women being raped every now and then! This is also considered safest city for the women.


11.Dosa and filter kaapi

Well nothing o say about this worldwide famous dish! You must be here to experience some yourself! If you are a coffee over, you will love the aroma of hot filter kaapi which is sure to drives you crazy.


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