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11 Reasons Why Men Should Have PERIODS


11 Reasons Why Men Should Have PERIODS

Girls suffer a lot due to periods, whereas boys do not seem to have any idea about it, such as what problems a girl faces when she is down, what she wants at that time and so on. But how would it be if guys also have periods? Sounds AMAZING; isn’t it?

Below I have mentioned 11 reasons why men should have periods…

1. They can understand how much it pains


Dard se jaan nikal jati hai

2. Guys would understand mood swings


Now they won’t complain ‘why so irritated’

3. They will understand why women turn sides all night long but can’t sleep, as they often complain “soti nahi ho aur sone bhi nahi deti ho”


Ab pata chala kyon

4. They can deliver a baby, which is the toughest condition in a Woman’s life.


Women will get a great relief if it could be possible.

5. They won’t pass comments on a girl purchasing sanitary napkins.


Bahot Gande-Gande Comments Karte The Na. Now Realize How Does It Feel

6. They won’t look at a woman the way they do. Here, I don’t need to mention how do they stare at and why wouldn’t they after they too get periods!


Ab Pata Chalega Kitna Disgusting Lagta Hai Jab Koi Is Tarah Se Ghoorta Hai

7. They won’t make fun of a girl on checking her dress again and again for any spot and her going to washroom very frequently.


8. They will realize how difficult it is to go to schools, colleges, offices, managing household affairs or play any outdoor game while having periods.


9. They would understand why a woman turns size 50 from size 0, as husbands always keep on complaining their wives or crack a joke on their physique.



10. Society will be more frank and open towards taboo issues like shopkeepers wrap sanitary napkins in a paper or black polythene so that nobody comes to know what a girl has shopped for. Moreover, purchasing of women wear, napkins and contraceptive pills won’t be a thing to be dealt very secretively.


11. Last but not the least, they would understand what a WOMAN is.


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Respect HER!

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