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11 Reasons Why You Must Date a Pahadi Girl


11 Reasons Why You Must Date a Pahadi Girl

They are cute, they are sweet, their cheeks turn red when they are shy, they glow like a florescent bulb, they are the Pahadi Girls. These daughters of the Mountain from the north are so sweet that you cannot afford to take off your eyes from them. You can clearly differentiate them from the rest of the crowd. Their accent is pleasant, welcoming & loved by all. If you are dating a Pahadi Girl, trust me try not to lose them. If you like a girl without a single layer of Makeup, then surely these Mountain Girls are the girls you would love to date.
Have a look at these 11 Reasons why you should Date a Pahadi Girl:

1) As I quoted earlier, if you like girls who are simple and do not wear a single layer of Make, Pahadi Girl is what you are looking for. They look pretty without a single layer of Make up on them.

Pahadi Girl

2) Ever wondered how Pink cheeks actually look like? It would be a Sin if you take off your eyes off her pink cheeks and lips <3

Pahadi Girl

3) If you like real adventure and you are more of person who loves Mountains & trekking, then surely you are going to love dating a Pahadi girl because she is going to take you to place which will leave you spellbound

Trekking in India

4) Ever heard any song straight from the Mountains? No? You have to listen to that sweet melodious songs. You would love it more when your date sings the same for you. Trust Me!!


5) Remember Pretty Zinta wearing that Pahadi Girl Attire in the movie ‘The Hero’? That attire is enough to attract any man on this planet

Pahari Girl

6) Pahadi Girls compared to girls from other regions are more Independent and Emotionally strong. If you are lucky enough you might find one who is Adventurous too!!


7) Imagine the mood of a girl who gets up every morning surrounded by Beautiful mountains and birds <3 Many of us still dream about having such life.


8) Untouched by fake modernization they will never desire of something more than you. They can give the love of the life every boy expects.


9) A Modern Pahadi girl never forgets her Customs, traditions & culture. She is grown in an environment where she is taught to pace with the modern world but take her Culture & Traditions alongwith her. In Short she is all that you look for in your Better Half!!


10) Are you scared that you would get a girl who would disrespect your parents and elders? Not to worry Pahadi girls are lovable, caring and high on Morale. They wouldn’t disrespect any one


11) Ever tasted a Pahadi Food? You cannot even imagine what all you can taste if you date a Pahadi girl. Khatta, Kaali Daal, Aaloo Palda, Tudkiya Bhath, Thechwani, Sisunak Saag, Sani Hui Mooli, Mandua Ki Roti.. and a lot more yum yum dishes to be there straight on your table.


12) Lastly, all the men who are troubled by their girl’s Driving skills, trust me a Pahadi Girl can drive much better than most of us can.


So what do you think? And P.S. We by this post are not degrading any girl from any other region. We know it all you girls are Awesome!! Be it from Mountains, Be it from the Coastal Region, Be It From Desert or Be It From Any Part of the Country!! 🙂 SHARE & SPREAD THIS POST!! Comment your views in the comments section below.

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