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11 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You!!!

11 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You


11 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You!!!

Boyfriends are our best friends. But, what if they are cheating on you? Do you want to sit and cry or listen to some sad Hindi song? No right? Thus, in this article we have listed few signs that will help you understand if you boyfriend is cheating on you. If yes! Dump him asap!

1. You spent half your own pocket money on him. While, he hardly does spend on you. “tu aaj ka bill de de na, mere pass 1000 ka note hai” Lol 1000 wala beggar!

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2. He eats all the stuff you ordered in the hotel and just asks you at the end, “kuch aur order karun kya?, tu kha kyon nahi rahi hai?”


3. He spends more time with your best friend. This is the biggest sign that he is cheating on you. Dump him immediately if your boyfriend is talking more to your best friend or wants her to be everywhere with you both.

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4. If he is not your partner-in-crime, maybe he doesn’t want to get along with you. He may not want to bunk class, say a lie, scold a friend for you……this shows he isn’t interested in you.

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5. He makes a useless bahana to not meet with you or take you for a date. “nahi aaj mere ghar pe mamaji aaye hue hain, aaj mai nahi aa sakta..”

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6. You always do the phone recharge to speak to him and he finishes the balance often calling his friend from your mobile. “tera phone de na, Rahul ko phone karna hai……mere balance katam ho gaya”. “tu 100 ka topup karwa na, 100 sms free hai.”

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7. He will start blaming you for all his bad habits. “Mom keh rahi thi, ye beard style kitna ganda hai.” Which you have always loved on him.


8. Your boyfriend pretends to be girl and does a chat with you on FB or through sms. He is a shaqi man. Sucker!”

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9. You suddenly get to know about his girlfriend that he had never told you about before. “wo mere piche padi thi, mai nahi.” He starts giving explanation about his ex for the reason why he broke up and will also give the best reasons to be with you and pretend to be enjoying.

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10. Your boyfriend ditches you to meet his new love. You get to know this via his FB status, friend or after calling at his home.

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11. Your problems no longer make him sad. Even if you fail in a subject, don’t have a job, etc he has nothing to say about.

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