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11 Signs That Winters Have Arrived!!!


11 Signs That Winters Have Arrived!!!

Takiya Ik Aur Hum Do…. Ik Hi Hai Razaai
Sardi Kaisi Jaayegi… Kaho Kaise Humein Neend Aayegi..

Winters are a welcome blessing for most Indians who experience a tropical climate for most parts of the year! We love to take out our jackets and hoodies, shawls and woollens right at the start of the season. While there are many those who ‘play it cool’ (pun intended) by roaming around in simple t shirts and denims, many others are found with red noses and quivering lips. Here are some unmistakable signs that announce the arrival of winter months.

1. Chapped lips and cracked heels! Plus this is the only time even the men start using creams and lotions.


2. It’s okay to keep watching a Korean movie with no subtitles since you don’t feel like taking your hands out of your blanket or away from your coffee cup to reach the remote and change the channel.


3. Less laundry. Well, let’s face it – no one really knows what you’re wearing under your hoodie!


4. You can devour some patiala pegs and sing “Maine pee Nahi Haiin”


5. And then the weighing machine seems to be showing a different figure than the last month, thanks to the meat, fried food and ahem, body heating drinks (hic) !


6. Wearing dresses, stockings, carrying stoles, putting on make-up – basically dressing up. Winter is the best season for marriages in India and people take it very seriously!


7. Suddenly the morning alarm seems even crueller, coz it’s trying to end the love affair between you and your blanket. You almost feel like turning up to work wrapped in it!


8. The soap bar or liquid in your bathroom lasts for double the time coz you aren’t really taking a bath every day.


9. It’s so much more comfortable to hug someone or take it a few steps further maybe?! Especially if he or she is wearing a jacket that you could show your love to almost anyone!


10. Any and every film and theatre show and concert is accompanied by constant background noises of coughs and sneezes of varying ranges and volumes. Beware a sneeze can alarm you anytime!


11. Last but not the least – You will find it really hard in sitting on the toilet commode in the morning :P… It’s really hard 😀


Nonetheless, unless you live in Drass (Ladakh) or somewhere in Leh or around Gurdongmar Lake, you are more likely to be thankful for the sweet cold blessings of the three fab months of November, December and January.

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