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11 Things A Guy Thinks When A Girl Touches Or Speaks To Him


11 Things A Guy Thinks When A Girl Touches Or Speaks To Him

Whenever a girl herself speaks to a boy or touches him, naturally his condition will be like Tune Maari Entriyaan Re Dil Mein Baji Ghantiyaan… And he starts building castles in the air, dreaming of golden opportunities and prospects of cheerful moments with her. Below are 11 things a guy thinks in this situation:

1. Hug


Ahh… It would feel great when she’d Hug me

2. Kiss


She would look gorgeous from closer when I’ll have a lip-lock with her…

3. Coffee Date


Is it the time to go on a Date with her?

4. Marriage


Is she my life partner?

5. Love-making


Wow…. Awesome and cherished moments

6. Movie


Should I ask her for a Movie?

7. Our Kids


How would our kids look like?

8. A dance with her on a romantic song


9. Imagining her in two-piece


10. Making other boys jealous


Feeling happy thinking how much others will burn with jealousy if she becomes my girlfriend

11. Parents’ reaction


Will my parents accept her?

Did I miss any? What would you feel in the same situation? Share your views in the Comment section below!

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