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11 Things That We Indians Will Continue Doing, This Proves We Are Indians

11 Things That We Indians Will Continue Doing, This Proves We Are Indians RVCJ Media


11 Things That We Indians Will Continue Doing, This Proves We Are Indians

Yes , Indians are Indians , they are the ones who create logic anywhere and everywhere at any time at any cost 😛 ! they can do anything which you think is next to impossible they make through everything and call it Jugaads 😀

You can easily find these kind of freaks ….
Can’t you ???
No worries I had done this part of yours on my own 😀

So carefully pick your safe spots and hold yourself for the funniest idiotic things, only be done by Indians and Indians and Indians only 😀 😛
Here is your 11 idiotic things done by one of among us 😛

1. We Indians are so absorbing , we love our things so much,
Here is one example 😛
T-shirt – start as a party-wear , then as nightwear, then one time “Holi” wear and finally murdered as a mop!
Isn’t a true lovable story of a t-shirt?

9-c-600x400 (1)
Image Source

2. At the marriages , South Indians or Gujarati’s anyone from same state or families get united and love to enjoy in same rhythms,
But a Punjabi will never enjoy in the marriages of South Indians, Here is one example 😛

Image Source

3. In a Foreign Country, firstly Indians will find for the best Indian cuisine restaurant , and then after struggling with the meals, with full stomachs, they crib! bad! isn’t? it’s Indians after all!

Image Source

4. Plastic covering on new things will remain on for years, it’s good, but Indians overdo this, they will keep the things as packed as they got it a night before, even that thing is been a year old!
Here is my car 😛

Image Source

5. When Indians order the softdrinks , they insist on no ice cubes, but after few sips of that juice , they realize that they need some, then with a straight face they ask the seller to add cubes in the juice! certainly No one can satisfy us Indians at any cost

Image Source

6. You go north of this planet, south or west, It’s a phrase about Indians that ‘Indians are jugaados’! they can be genius and lazy at the same time, believe them, Indians really are!
Here is one example again 😛

Image Source

7. So what? can’t we take it? we paid the bill, ‘itna to banta hai bhai, paise diye hai saunf tak nahi milegi?’ Indians do this at restaurants, and take it away to use it for after use!

Image Source

8. If you not in the mood to cook the whole meal, the simple tricks of Indians is to have ‘daal chawals’ , they manage to eat even like to eat this always, without options like yes or no!

Image Source

9. Indians are not vain! we taste all the dishes at marriages it need to be tested by us, it’s compulsory! then after it, we don’t like the dishes, we waste them and throw it away, covering it with simple dialogue, ‘taste nahi hai isme, aacha nai hai, hatao!’ 😛

Image Source

10. We Indians are smart, very smart, we don’t waste time in answering people, we just move our heads to yes or no’s! logically smart, our bobbing of heads is our smart representations of our answers! Got it? we are simply expression masters
here is again 😛

Image Source

11. After having the end number of pani puri, Indians will always ask for the extra paani from the seller, ‘bhaiya thoda paani aur dena aur chutney issi me mila dena’! it is a sweet dish for them, it’s in the habit, to take or get something extra on everything!
Meko yeh ni smjh aata isse hoga kya ??? 😛

Image Source

I know we all do these stuffs …. Don’t be shy 😛 after all we are Indians no no Proudly Indians 😀
Share these moments with your loved ones 😀
share this If you like 😛
Share your IDIOTIC things in the comment box 😛 😀

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