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These 11 Things Of A ‘Padhaku’ Student Will Never Ever Be Admitted By Him/Her


These 11 Things Of A ‘Padhaku’ Student Will Never Ever Be Admitted By Him/Her

Some wanna be Doctors and others wanna be Engineers . If you score above 80 % then your parents must pressurized to get into good Medical and Engineering college and everyone out there knows who are you and whats your studies background.
Being the most studious student of the class, you always have to stand up to the expectations of your teachers and parents. If you get to listen praises about you then the handwork for it follows. You need to be always in news and gossips in school or college life because of studies 😀

Agar tum aise ho ki ” abhi toh utha hu , padhna hai baad main ” 😛
Sbse bda jootha 😛 😛
Yes , you can relate these 11 things with you 😛

1. Happiness is when others compared to you and you are the winner 😀

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2. Kitni padhai krli kisi ko na btana 😛

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3. Getting into a Fantastic GANG is just a fantasy

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4. Others believe you studied for the whole year 😛 , but you know the reality 😛

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5. Exams are like a KURUKSHETRA battle ground to you

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6. Good at nothing expect studies 😛

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7. 95% seems to be 59% when your friend scores more than you

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8. You always showoff your knowledge

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9. You can do anything to get extra marks in your exams

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10. Fiction is your style in case of movies.

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11. Relationship agreement is prepared prior to getting into a relationship, so that your studies may not suffer.

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