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12 DILWALE Trolls Which Will Give Your Bones A Nice Tickle!!

12 DILWALE Trolls Which Will Give Your Bones A Nice Tickle!! RVCJ Media

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12 DILWALE Trolls Which Will Give Your Bones A Nice Tickle!!

Hero who is a gangster’s Son falls in love with a girl who happens to be a daughter of a Mafia. Now Hero’s Gangster father happens to be the biggest rivalry of Heroine’s Father who is a Mafia. Now both Hero and Heroine makeup their minds to tell their fathers about their sweet love story and convince their for their marriage. They first approach Hero’s father and luckily get his approval and ask him to meet Heroine’s father and convince him too. Heroine’s father eventually agrees to meet his enemy for a talk but has something else in his mind. Both the Gangsters meet and that is when Heroine’s father plays his card and tries to attack Hero’s father & in this shoot out both, hero’s father and heroines father get killed and heroine thinks that Hero & his father attacked her family first and shoots the hero straight in his chest and leaves the country.
NO!! I’m not reciting a 1980’s movie story, this is story of Bollywood’s latest release DILWALE!! Yes you read it right. Dilwale though the most awaited movie of the year surprised its viewers with a story they have been watching since 1980’s. If the story part is ignored, the movie has managed to keep the audience entertained with its comedy and fine acting from the support cast. SRK-KAJOL were the main reason for the movie to earn 100 crore Worldwide. Unlike Salman’s PRDP where there was some story but Acting of the support Cast killed the movie, DILWALE didn’t have a good story lineup but acting and comedy timings of the actors saved the movie from becoming 2015’s biggest disaster. But that doesn’t mean DILWALE managed to skip the trolls on Social Media. The story gave the Internet big chance to have a good laugh and today we bring you 12 such bone-tickling trolls on Dilwale. have a look at and do Share.. 😉














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